CapCut Templates with Top New Trend [2024]

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Get Top Trend CapCut Templates (2024)

capcut templates

What do you mean by CapCut Templates?

CapCut is a free video editor with its wonderful viral TikTok templates mainly known as CapCut Templates. A template is known as a creation booster. In other words, a new top-trend CapCut template enhances the brand and quality of your video within a quick space of time. It carries all-in-one quality features. Users can easily use these templates. By using these templates you can make a professional-looking video by just selecting any CapCut Template on your own desire. 

One of the great benefits of the CapCut Template is that it edits your video within a short time. There are millions of CapCut Templates being used by users and these numbers are increasing day by day. It makes the editing process so fast and quick that results in your selected templates. TikTok videos, YouTube and Facebook shorts can be easily developed through these wonderful CapCut templates. Nowadays, many new templates that are trending on social media can be made through CapCut on your Android, Mac, and PC. CapCut can especially enhance your TikTok video into a viral trending video by using these Templates.

How we can edit videos using CapCut Templates?

Just like using other editing features of CapCut, you can also use CapCut Templates so easily. It brings all those pro-quality features and embeds them into your video. The use of CapCut Templates can be adopted by following steps.

Step 1: First of all, download CapCut and install it on your PC/iOS/Android. 

Step 2: Open CapCut and go on “Templates” just like shown below!

capcut templates
Click on “TEMPLATES”

Step 3: There will be a few more types of templates such as 

  • Trending templates
  • Meme
  • Lirik Video
  • Status
  • Game
  • Vlog

Step 4: Select any type of CapCut Templates that you like. You can also watch some trending and quality templates under your selected section.

Search for a Template

Step 5: After selecting templates of your own choice, you should select your own video for which you want to use your chosen template.

Step 6: So,  click on “Use Template” and add your video.

capcut templates
Click on “Use Template”

Getting new trends and top viral Capcut template is very easy. You can simply get these templates by visiting our site You can also use the link to the CapCut Templates and make a professional video. If you want to keep updated with new trending and viral CapCut Templates then keep visiting this site. You can use these templates for your video by just clicking on “use this template”. Following are some top trend CapCut Templates.

How To Make a Slow-Motion Video?

Slow-mo is one of the top new trend CapCut Templates. There is a diversity of these templates. By using these templates, you can embed it into your own video in an easy way. It enhances the quality of your video in terms of slow-mo by adjusting some music and speed enhancement. Currently, slow-mo is a widely used and searched template by users. That is why we are providing you with some of top most reliable slow-mo templates.

Some top slow-mo new CapCut Templates are given below!

Slow-mo Template 1

Slow-mo Template 2

Slow-mo Template 3

How to edit a video with slow motion CapCut Template?  

The use of any CapCut Template is so easy and quickly editable. Similarly, you can make your video into a slow-mo by following a few easy steps as given below. You should follow these one by one.

Step 1: First of all you need to have the latest version of CapCut Pro. After that, you should select your favorite slow-mo template from the given collection above.

Step 2: Then, you should click on the button “Use this Template on CapCut”.

Step 3: By clicking on it, you will be redirected to CapCut. There you should choose a video for which you want to use the slow-mo template.

Step 4: Now, you should adjust the text and speed of your video which you think suits you more.

Step 5: Once, you have done editing, you can also preview it.

Congratulations, your video is edited exactly according to your chosen template. You can export your slow-mo video by choosing the video resolution of your own choice (720 pixels most suitable).


There is a huge diversity of users who are using new trends in CapCut Templates. We have also provided some top trending slow-mo CapCut Templates. Due to the smooth and easy interface of CapCut. Even newbies can easily use this CapCut Template without any worry. We have also explained the method of the use of these Templates. If you need more exciting new trend CapCut Template then keep visiting here.


Of course, all these templates are totally free. You can edit your video by selecting your favorite Templates.

You can find easily the top new trend Templates on this site

If your selected template contains any text, then you can easily edit it by just clicking on the text edit tab. And you can add text format of your own desire.

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